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2017-03 The DIS No.6 was released.
Special Issue: Infrastructure Politics
2015-03 The DIS No.5 was released.
Special Issue: Disaster in Transition: Displacement and Networked Assistance in the 2011 East Japan Tsunami
2014-06 Articles "Reshaping the Nuclear Energy Policy Domain" was released

This article is a part of the Sociology in the Post-Disaster Society. Download the article PDF.

2014-03 Reports 『東日本大震災における支援活動と地域社会』 was released.[In Japanese]
2013-07 Reports 「福島原発事故後の市民社会の活動に関する団体調査」単純集計表 was released. [In Japanese]

Download the reports PDF.

2013-03 The DIS No.4 was released.
2012-12 The DIS No.3 was released.
2012-06 The DIS No.2 was released.
2012-01 The first SGIS Workshop (Theme: "Understanding 2011 Disaster in Japan: Crisis, Resilience and Emerging Regime") was held.
2011-12 The DIS No.1 was released.
2011-04 Study Group on Infrastructure and Society (SGIS) was founded.